This website offers a space for those seeking to create another world, as a means to network and build the solidarity necessary to realize our collective potential.

• Why use this site? There are plenty of tools available for activists or those seeking to create a better world already in use, but when it comes to building bridges between the work being done there seems to be something missing. This is an attempt to find that missing element, the one that results in the fragmentation of our efforts.

That world we seek is rooted in social justice, ecological sustainability, participatory democracy, and international solidarity.

• Social Justice: Everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

• Ecological Sustainability: We must respect and safeguard the capacity of the biosphere to meet the needs of the present as well as future generations.

• Participatory Democracy: Decision making should allow and encourage inclusive participation by all those concerned on all levels of all sectors of society.

• International Solidarity: We recognize and value the common bond of all individuals seeking a better world, supporting and strengthening each other in our efforts.

Since the world we seek is for everyone and by everyone, this network has no membership restrictions other than a shared belief in these basic tenets.

• So, who is this site for? This site is not an organization, it is a calling. As a contributor, you may be directly focused on one or any number of efforts that fall within the tenets above, but you agree that all are important and so have mutual gain from connection. The potential of this network will be realized only by the degree of your participation. In short, this site, this network, this increased solidarity, is for you to create, just as is a better world.