Social Network

As an online tool, the purpose of Liquid Solidarity is to provide a dedicated social network for honest discussion, sharing of resources and organizing within the general spectrum of the stated vision (increased solidarity). All members are welcome and encouraged to post using the available content formats, as we build this network.

Imagine, a site filled with original blogs, discussion, events, groups and projects... searchable, tagged, and organized by location... posted by everyday people interested in creating another world and seeking to connect. Appealing? Participation is all that is required.

While there are no specific rules concerning styles of communication, if the goal is building solidarity, our methods of connection should reflect that intent. Welcome to an atmosphere of enjoyment, thought and productivity.

It is also helpful to use the posting formats as they are intended and remember to tag. More info on best use can be found in the User Guide.

User Ownership

For a site of this nature to best evolve, its development is open to users through an evolving decision-making structure. Currently that structure consists of online discussions and meetings with no specific method of voting or consensus, but will require a more formal process as users increase and decisions must be made. As a member you are welcome to contribute to that process. Links to some general history and current trajectory can be found below.

This site is created using the open source software, Drupal. Version control will be transferred to Github to allow member participation of the technical development, for those interested. It has been noted that with expanded use of this site and increased needs for functionality, Drupal will eventually become outmoded, requiring the transfer to a new framework.

Legally, this site has a single owner while research into nonprofit creation is underway, with further decisions to be made.


The current materialization of this project began with a handful of individuals sharing mutual ideas about a global network, also referred to as the Common Website Project. Some of that history can be found in this document and on this Trello board.

Since creating this site, to provide a basic framework as a stepping stone of an evolving idea, members have exchanged more specific ideas pertaining to its use and usability, while testing some of the current features. Minor improvements have been made and will continue.


While the site is currently public and usable, we have only been inviting members personally in hopes of finding those interested in developing the concept. Soon we will promote and share more widely.

It's important, particularly as we add more members, that we establish some structure for participation in development and decision-making. We seek to create an accessible environment with cooperative roles and relationships. Relevant discussions and online meeting notes can be found in the Participate forum.

Version control of this Drupal site is being moved to Github. If you have interest in the technical development of this site, please introduce yourself in this thread.

Currently the site has been developed and is owned by a single individual. To transfer expenses to fundraising, and ownership to an accountable decision-making structure, a nonprofit organization should be in place. Roles and potential bylaws should be discussed first. If you are interested in helping outline a nonprofit structure or serving a position, please introduce yourself in the Forming a Nonprofit thread.

Fluidity. We seek technical, social and structural fluidity. Liquid Solidarity should help stream people together and around obstacles, by design and the culture we create.