Separate Notifications list from Messages list

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Separate Notifications list from Messages list

I'd prefer Notifications (or Alerts), for example "SO AND SO made a comment on: TOPIC / View the comment at URL", to be listed in a separate list from my Messages.

Also, clicking on an item in that notification list should bring you directly to the relevant page, instead of the current two-click procedure (message list item --click--> message --click--> comment).

Wikipedia now also has separate Notifications ( and Messages.

sounds good, it's on the list

but, would require a custom module to add a filter function to the Message module and change the notifications template for direct links. could add teaser text from comment as well, to help decide if it's worth clicking.

fyi. currently, when you've selected notifications for a forum topic or blog or something, it means a Flag has been add to a piece of content by you. using the Rules module, an event is setup so that when a comment is posted, it grabs a list of all users who have flagged that content minus the person commenting, and triggers an action to send a notification to the Message module. the subject and content of the message are customizable.

other options

just to add. the above option is probably the simplest, but notifications could of course be handled separate from the message module entirely. if you have ways you envision it, feel free to elaborate. there are a number of things i would like handled better as notifications and comments go.

Like at the IOPS website

Actually, the way the IOPS website does it is fine. So each user has two “areas”, their Messages and their Notifications (which we can call “alerts” to keep it short). Messages are sent from one user to one or more others; they can be arranged in some way (by threads, or by folders, or both). A user can reply or forward. Alerts are automated messages sent by the system, triggered by some event. A user's Alerts are organized as one simple linear list – although we may have filters for viewing only specified types of alerts. They can (and often will) contain a link the user can click on to visit the scene where the triggering event took place. In their user profiles, users can select which types of events they want to get alerts for, with a sensible default. Users cannot reply to alerts; all they can do is delete them, or perhaps also tag them as “seen” or “important” or whatever.

Somewhat independently, users can opt to receive some or all alerts also in the form of email messages.

A difference with the current situation:

Now, a user receives an email message: “Message sent on behalf of <USER> / View that message at <PRE-LINK>”.
Actually, this was not a real message but an alert. Visiting the pre-link, the user sees something like: “<USER> made a comment on: <TOPIC> / View the comment at: <TRUELINK>”.
The user has to click a second time to visit the crime scene.

In the envisaged set-up, the email message the user receives is the same as the alert. So this is what the user receives in the inbox of their regular mail account: “<USER> made a comment on: <TOPIC> / View the comment at: <TRUE-LINK>”. No need to keep clicking through; one click does the job. The first line (“<USER> made a comment on: <TOPIC>”) could be the email Subject field.