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Hesitate to use the "strategy" forum, but seems to be the best fit. How about a "possibilities" forum or something like that?

Anyway, here's a wild idea.

Set a date for an online meeting and make sure as many folks as are available can join. Adjust the date and time as needed. Point is to get participation. Between now and the meeting time, either no new posts except reminders or discussions about the gathering.

In other words, focus all the energy of the group into gathering together and getting as many folks that signed up to join in the meeting.

Make the meeting process very powerful. Create a structure that has an effect, that will allow something to move forward, that will produce change in the existing group.

No worries if it doesn't sound fun or useful. Feel free to shoot it down!




Did you have any processes and structures in mind in particular? I am definitely down for an online meeting.


Hi Fred!

Bright day here in Seattle, trees full outside the window, almost touching the glass. Insects flitting through the air. Sound of traffic in the distance, gentle breezes come and go.

Maybe not something in particular, but an orientation of sorts. Instead of an arrow pointing outward, the focus points inward, toward those that are there.

Out of that might come a lot of possibilities, for instance:

-- Halt other site activity, focus the group on coming together. Reach out to those not participating as much. Be patient at this stage. Like a concert or event that is coming soon, something we can anticipate, a coming together with strong energy.

If the meeting can happen, perhaps:

-- First, create a space of listening, of silence.

-- Maybe move around the virtual circle, one at a time, listening as deeply as possible to what each participant has to say (or not say). Each person could talk about anything, why they are here, why they signed up, who they are, etc. Anything at all.

-- After the meeting, create a forum post for everyone to add to their impressions, thoughts after, etc. Perhaps ask the question, is the group different after this event? How so?

-- Then, talk about what might come next, what naturally follows?

Or something like that, lots of variations, all kinds of other sequences are possible. All kinds of variations, steps, possibilities, etc.

One thing, more personal that I might like to limit in approaches, is to be as non-bureaucratic as possible.



sounds wonderful

Speaking of the nature outside of windows, we just had a wonderful midwestern thunderstorm pass by. I am planning on moving out to Oregon before the summer is over and I think I will miss these storms.

It sounds like a great idea. Last time we coordinated an online meeting we used some kind of scheduling tool.. I believe doodle was its name. Maybe this can be used to coordinate what day and time would be best?

re: sounds wonderful

Hey, where in Oregon?

http://doodle.com/ looks good

http://doodle.com/ looks good.

supra possibility

Planning on Eugene, but angling on an itinerant life.

re: supra possibility

Hi Fred,

Sounds great. If you make it to Seattle, please say hello!



Hi Fred,

Well it looks like this thread didn't ignite further movement. If you are interested we could perhaps still meet and try a dialogue together?




Hi Rick,

I would love to, that'd be nice.


Hey, great, want to set up a time?


Would sometime this weekend be good?

or rather

Maybe sometime during the week next week? This weekend might prove kind of tight. But monday wednesday thursday friday and beyond works.


Hi Fred,

Monday should work for me, I'm on Pacific Time. Is there a time that works for you?




Hi Rick,

I am free 8am-12 and 3-7 your time. Anywhere in there will work.


How about 3 PM?

Skype, Hangouts, or ???


I am well versed in hangouts, not so much so with Skype and I have sadly not even experimented with any other such tools. Hangouts would be preferred but I am open to anything. 3pm is perfect.


Thanks for the very good talk today, Fred. Looking forward to next Monday at 3PM PT.

If anyone else wants to join, please say so and we'll work on adjusting times if needed.



I had a great time, thank you too.