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skype contacts and group invite

Lambert is on my list from old meetings, but my Skype name is mavricovich. sent a request to you Tasner.

Lambert, would you do us the honor of starting the room, perhaps just a little early, just to make sure everyone gets connected via your contacts?

default time

and yeah, that should be correct Taz, Sunday 10PM Helsinki / 12PM Seattle / 20:00 UTC


Hey Alex, I've sent a request to you. You must have sent a request to a different Tasner because I didn't receive anything. Colin, just to be sure, you are from Lacey WA?

Report on November meeting posted

I've posted a report on the Skype meeting we had on November 15, 2015. You can find it here.

What CWP?

Back in Nov 2015, it was referenced by Peter. I wanted to ask (and tried to reply to him singly, but that didn't seem to work) if I can get the context, and importance of asking about acronym CWP. He wrote, "Would be good to get the results of the discussion though."

That CWP

CWP = Common Website Project

You can read more about it in this Google document: Common Website Project.

LS can be seen as a stepping stone to a more ambitious "Common Website". Here we can try out ideas to see what works.

Who wants to meet?

check it out, a meeting call!