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Drupal Development

this thread is meant for initial talks specific to technical development of the site. the site is built using Drupal, and current plans include pushing development to Github to develop a general workflow, and expand the ability to collaborate on those efforts. initial discussion on this comes from the thread http://www.liquidsolidarity.org/content/moving-forward

Stages and Groups

Some notes on the general trajectory of site development:

Initial discussions of a "Common Website" yielded some basic outlines on the kinds of capabilities and general requirements we should be striving for. Those outlines were meant to establish a direction, with full recognition we'll need to start with a basic framework and make decisions on further steps. Since then, Liquid Solidarity has been set up using Drupal as a stepping stone in that process. Now that we are working with this platform we can start to establish some stages of development work to be done.

A list of proposed Requirements we aim to achieve can be found in the Creating Another Website pdf at Common Website Invitation.

This work is a balance of technical ability and imagination. Not only have we dreamt up numerous features we think will be useful for activists to organize with, we also strive for an environment that allows users to drive further evolution of the site. We want a social network that can be responsive to the needs of activists by turning collective input into improved features.

As of now we are taking steps to transfer version control of the site to Github, which will make it more accessible for development.

For a first stage (with multiple rounds), I suggest we focus on fixing some minor bugs, improving navigation flow, some CSS work, and adding some minor features that have been suggested.

Entering the next stage, we'll have established some things that came up in the first stage, but i think enhancement of Group functionality should be primary. In many ways I view the project itself through the lens of Groups. Groups, small and large provide a means to organize online, whether that means an extension of an established organization or just a small collective for a limited research project. It also provides a way for those groups to share their own process and cross-pollinate toward more effective organizing and greater movement solidarity. The flexibility should be massive and intuitive, far beyond the means of default tools such as Facebook. Customizable group pages, sub-groups, group affiliations, forums, granular control on roles and shared documents, control over group messaging and notifications, templates for decision-making and polling, flexible styles of event creation etc.

Of course, in the first stage, we will also be tackling some organizational decisions on how to prioritize tasks and by what means they are accomplished.


Is something impeding putting the current version of the code on GitHub?

in the works

initially, i needed to get a few things done that were hanging too loose as function goes. as i'm not too familiar with use of Github or much command line, it means moving to a different workflow, so learning some new things. but, currently Fred holds a full set of keys to the site, and has a localhost version for testing before a transition.

we're chatting about some webteam thoughts or options but haven't posted a report at this point. if helpful, then one can be one the way.


A steady trickle of progress reports, which can be fairly terse, will be helpful to keep up interest and encourage engagement.

some tricklin

Got some development news... I have a handle on getting the code safely to github from my local install. I am not so confident about ssh and git regarding hostgator. I think we can request some limited or "jailed" ssh access on the setup LS is using, I am not sure if it is enough to have a full workflow configuration with github, but I have no reason to think it wouldn't be.

That being said drupal from what I have gathered drupal is not that configurable from code alone because so much of drupal exists in the database. There are ways to increase how much is held in code. I am not sure how to do that right now, but I could look into it.

For now we could begin a workflow with github by just pushing it to github from my local, and keeping it up to date with regular backups to my local and pushing the code we change back to github. If that sounds agreeable for now, and I can do that and begin to investigate the other points.